About Binary Publications
Binary Publications is a new book publisher focusing on art and pop culture launched in fall of 2012.  The two co-publishers, Gary Reed and Paul Burke,  have extensive backgrounds in publishing and aim to provide an avenue of publishing a wide array of books in various areas dealing with popular culture, often times with a slant towards an artistic vision.  The two have previous publishing companies including Stabur Press which will be a prime source of the first titles released by Binary.

The initial titles to be released include a number of books featuring art by noted cartoonist, Jack Davis.  The Art of Jack Davis and Jack Davis: Some of My Good Stuff were originally published by Stabur in the 1980’s and have been out of print for over 20 years.  Following those will be a children’s book featuring all new artwork by Davis.

Binary will also feature a series of books focusing on glamour and pinup.  Malaland Magazine: The Pinup Stylings of Mala Mastroberte and Artist & Models: The Glamour Art of Kent Steine will be followed by a reprinting of Memoirs: Earl Mac Pherson, The King of Pin Up Art.   

There is also a new collection of photographs of Bettie Page shot by Jack Faragasso along with some paintings of the model that were done prior to Bettie’s meteoric rise as pin-up star.

Stabur had released three books on Rocky Horror Picture Show written by International Fan Club President, Sal Piro for the 15th and 20th Anniversary of the cult film.  Binary will reprint these out of print books starting with Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Audience Par-tic-i-pation Guide and then followed with the two volumes of Creatures of the Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience.  The comic book adaptation has been licensed to Transfuzion Publishing which released the collected comics in October, 2012.

Other releases include Kent Gamble’s newspaper strip series, The Touchables, a humorous look at a mob family and Window on Main Street: 35 Years of Creating Happiness at Disneyland Park which is an insider’s look at the development of Disneyland.

Gary Reed was the publisher of Caliber Comics, one of the leading independent comic publishers of the 1990’s and a company that helped to launch many of today’s top comic stars.  Caliber branched off a number of imprints including Tome Press, a line devoted to historical, biographical, and reference material.  Currently, Gary is the publisher of Transfuzion Publishing with Rafael Nieves and Transfuzion has about 50 graphic novels in print.  He has also written a number of books and graphic novels for publishers such as Image Comics, IDW, Caliber, Penguin, and others.

Paul Burke was publisher of Stabur Graphics, a company in the 1980’s and 90’s that published a number of art books and high quality prints and Stabur worked with some of the top cartoonists in the country with a series of prints.  Stabur was a principle behind Laughter Publications which released books from the Disney Company and Stabur produced specialty products and books for the 15th and 20th anniversary celebrations of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Burke also teamed up with Stan Lee to provide the video series, “Comic Book Greats”  and was Co-CEO/Vice Chairman of TMP International of which McFarlane Toys was a division.  

Reed and Burke worked together in the early 90’s when Caliber and Stabur merged and Reed joined Burke in the launch of McFarlane Toys where Reed was Senior VP of the company for the first three years of that company until Reed left, taking Caliber and Stabur with him.

Although the initial releases from Binary Publications will include bringing back some titles that Stabur originally published that have been out of print for a decade or more, there are a number of new releases to be scheduled.   The strategy is to initially reprint the Stabur books with very little changes as new publications are forthcoming and new material will be included there rather than updating only portions of the original releases.