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The early photographs of Bettie Page is a pictorial of Bettie Page right as she was on the cusp of her fame.  Young artist, Jack Faragasso, hired Bettie for an afternoon for as a nude model for his beginning career as a painter.  Here, you see the aspiring actress move into the modeling career and would eventually establish herself as the "Queen of the Pinups" and Jack would eventually become a painter of 100's of paperback covers and an esteemed art teacher. 

  19.99      The Early Photographs of Bettie Page   

Malaland Magazine:
The pinup stylings of Mala Mastroberte

 Join Mala as she embarks on a journey through the years of the changing image of a female in the grand tradition of the classic pin up artists.  Adopting roles based on or inspired by illustrated vintage magazine and paper back covers, Mala slips into her chameleon ability to not only present a visual and aesthetic guide to that particular era but to also tell a fascinating story.
   Malaland: Pin Up Stylings of Mala Mastroberte  $18.99


Artist & Models: The Glamour Art of Kent Steine

Kent Steine, known for his production of pinup and glamour art for numerous publishers, presents a look at some of the glamour art he has produced over the years.  As an editorial and commercial advertising illustrator, Kent has produced over 50 magazine covers, and created art for more than 30 international advertising campaigns.  “Artist and Models” provides not only stunning imagery but Kent’s personal perspective on the process and results.
Memoirs: Earl Mac Pherson
the King of Pin Up Art
 Many commercial artists have had a fling at pin-up art, but only a handful have become starts.  Earl Mac Pherson is one of them.  His sketch book series earned him wide acclaim and fans dubbed him the “King of the Pin Up Artists”.  His illustrative paintings and glamour art style adorned book and calendars throughout the 1930’s and 1940s.  Memoirs offers a look at the man and the legend, photo studies of his models and the art that was inspired by them from that memorable era. Note: This reprints the 1991 edition original released by Stabur Publishing.